About Michael McKay

Michael McKay provides original and individually tailored, high-level solutions to corporations, institutions, and organisations facing intractable external challenges.
He offers discreet counsel to the public and private sectors that is based not only on insight, perception, and experience, but also on his ability to place influential international networks and helpful relationships at their disposal.

Clients past and present include corporations which are world leaders in sectors as varied as food, tobacco, science & technology, luxury goods, banking & finance and the United Nations.

On their behalf he both creates strategies and programmes,
and, if required, manages and implements them in full.

His work reflects an unusual combination of professional experience and blend of skills, which include:

– Creation of special entities and programmes to solve communication problems.
– Over twenty five years international experience of corporate communications, government relations, marketing, and sales in one of the toughest consumer goods industries: tobacco.
– Hands on marketing experience for some of the world’s great upmarket brands.
– Risk taking and entrepreneurial experience.
– Established reputation as skilled, credible and discrete communicator and network builder.

Through friends and associates in London, Washington, D.C., Paris, Berlin and Brussels a powerful network is able to provide uncommonly perceptive insights into the true sources of client problems and, hence, the actions and methodologies that will result in unusually effective solutions.

He is also an (Honorary) Councillor, Member of the Executive Board and Chairman of the Geneva Chapter of the British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce.


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